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Find answers to some of the questions you may have
regarding Weavers of Nigeria here. We’ve addressed
some of the most common ones below, but if something

isn’t clear, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist

you in any way possible.


Why Weavers of Nigeria when we do not physically weave any materials?

In Nigeria, there is a bird known as the Weaver bird which
constructs an elaborate nest for its family. Likewise, we
women hope to construct elaborate foundations and
relations for the enhancement of communities here in the

US and in Nigeria.

How can I support Weavers of Nigeria's mission and work?

We gladly accept financial donations and/or in-kind
support of our events. Also, we facilitate direct assistance
to charities in Nigeria, the United States, and other
countries. If you have any questions, please contact us by

regular mail or email.

Can I join Weavers of Nigeria as a Member?

Yes! Membership is open to all Nigerian women, to all
women related to Nigerians by birth or by marriage who
are resident in the United States of America, and to
individuals who are committed to causes pertaining to
Nigeria. Please leave us a note, and we will contact you
concerning the application process. Thank you for your


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